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Laura in Berkeley
- 5.0

Date: 2024-04-13

Project: Landscaping

Ignacio and his guys did a beautiful job in the front and back of our house. We are so happy with the work. We keep getting compliments from the neighbors!

Sean in Rodeo
- 5.0

Date: 2023-06-07

Project: Tree Removal

I finally got around to doing some yard work when I discovered that our largest pine tree (Which already had a good lean to it) had been blown over at least 5 ft from the last windstorm that we had. The roots were being pulled up from the earth and the tree was headed right towards my home that I rent! The tree was massive and would have caused thousands of dollars of damage to the property. We called Ignacio and he was quick to head over to the house to take a look at the tree and provide a quote. He knew the tree was one good gust of wind away from falling onto the house and offered to do the job, the day of. He took down a MASSIVE pine tree at least 65 ft and prob 10k pounds in one day. The job was done efficiently, carefully executed, and the job site was left cleaner than they got there. I'm a renter and he was very flexible with working with the correct parties and ensuring that the job was done and made it painless on the renters side.

Gabe in Lafayette
- 5.0

Date: 2023-03-23

Project: Tree Removal x 2

Ignacio and his team were super responsive and have now twice removed large fallen trees from my property, the same day they fell. Ignacio was very responsive, super reasonable, and he and his team did great work, taking care not to damage areas around fallen trees. I’ve recommended Ignacio to numerous neighbors and they too were very pleased with his professional work.

Mariela in Richmond
- 5.0

Date: 2022-06-26

Project: Landscaping maintenance

They provided us with great landscaping maintenance for 5 years. Unfortunately, we moved too far and could not continue working with them. It it were not for distance, we would continue receiving services from Ubaldino Tree Service. They are consistent and fair priced.

Olivier Marota in Vallejo
- 5.0

Date: 2022-06-24

Project: Trees Removal

I hired Ignacio and his team from Ubaldino Tree service. These guys are good at what they do, Very efficient team. They removed a big 50 ft oak tree from my backyard and a smaller one as well. Very nice work, left everything very clean and the price was fair compared to other quotes I received. I definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs trees removed or any type of yard work. Very thankful for the work these guys did for me.


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